Portraits of XXth Century – from Picasso to Bacon


The exhibition is focused on portraits made at the end of XIXth century by artists as Gauguin, Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec. The genre of portraits became one of the way to express the vision of the world and of the society. The beginning of the XXth century is marked for the born of abstraction by Kandinsky in 1910.

The notion of figuration, similarity, expressivity of a external subject disappear in favor of what animates the artist, leaving space to a personal expression of proper feelings. Perhaps, the firsts abstract artists tried to express their own spirituality, to transcribe the musicality or what they felt through lines and colors.

With the artworks of Picasso, Gris, Matisse, Van Dongen, the exhibition let discover the great Fauves and Cubists focused on continue the path opened by their predecessors. The exhibition will examine also the evolution of portraits in the surrealist movement, movement in which the portrait is less important than the paint itself.

With the rising of consumer society, the portrait art know a new evolution through the artists of the Movement of Pop Art. Symbol of the movement is Andy Warhol, main figure of the Pop Art is know for the portraits of Liz Taylor, Marylin Monroe, Mao Zedong… A work that show the desire of abolish the concept of death transforming the simply mortal in immortal icon, and, in particular, Warhol is really fascinated of the face.

The exhibition ends with an analysis of the portrait in the particular artworks of Francis Bacon between expression and deconstructing, and Antonio Nunziante, between Metaphysics, Symbolism and introspection.



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