LEONARDO – NUNZIANTE, Exposition at UNIQ Museum of IstanbulLEO DOC

Exposition of Leonardo Da Vinci and other great renaissance painters, accompanied by the artworks of Maestro Nunziante in one of the most exlusive places of Instabul

Portraits of XX° Century – From Picasso to Bacon

Exhibition inside Waroux Castle, place that saw the Maestro Nunziante as main protagonist with his artwoks

On the trail of Leonardo da Vinci

Accompanying more than 100 original sketches of Leonardo, the artworks of Maestro Nunziante will move in a world tour in the main capitals

Isole di Pensiero – Böcklin, De Chirico, Nunziante

Exhibition organized for the 110th anniversary of the Böcklin’s death in Fiesole, exactly in the same city that now celebrate him

Giorgio De Chirico – Antonio Nunziante: Beyond Apparence

This exhibition put as main goal the development of Metaphysics paint through 50 artworks from De Chirico and Nunziante

Nunziante – Sgarbi, Museo Nazionale degli Strumenti Musicali, ROMA

Ianaugural conference by prof. Vittorio Sgarbi, presented by Dario Olivi, of personal exhibition of Maestro Nunziante

Nunziante – Sgarbi, Bookshop ELECTA, Milan

Conference by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi about life and works of Maestro Nunziante

Exhibition at Aran Art Gallery in Bruxelles

Exhibition at Aran Art Gallery at main city center of  Bruxelles, where Maestro Nunziante showed his artworks