Leonardo – Nunziante
UNIQ Museum di Istanbul



The Leonardo Da Vinci’s greatest exhibition in the world, from 14th December 2018 at UNIQ Museum of Istanbul

UNIQ Istanbul invite you to discover the greatest genius in Renaissance period.
The most important exhibition dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci started at Bruges (Belgium), then moved as tour to his first step in Istanbul, at UNIQ Museum. The exhibition have more than 100 copy of original sketches of Da Vinci, the original manuscript, around 200 art works between draws and sketches.

A study of 10 years
A team of 22 people coming from Belgium and Luxembourg, composed of engineers, historians, graphic artists and raftsmen, signed this single collection after a hard work of 10 years. During his life, Leonardo Da Vinci designed around 6.000 inventions but only few of them where made.
The exhibition, focused on a divulgation process about Leonardo’s history, trying to exemplifying issues actually unexplored. 

No screws in this exhibition
Inside the biggest collection of Da Vinci’s machines the most important elements are the copies made by wood and metal, following the original projects. In the copies no screw were used, and, in the assembly, no industrial process has been actuated. Some of this models are made starting from original sketch, preserving original size while the others are made following scale proportions, with dimensions between 60 cm and 5m.

An historical bridge
One of the most important pieces in the exhibition is the bridge designed by Da Vinci in 1502, with the idea of make it the biggest and the most beautiful of his time.
The model remade has been realized in scale proportion and it have a dimension of 7 meters.
Built as overpass in Norway in 2001, the bridge is expose in different parts of world as ice model to focus about the matter of global warming.

Da Vinci for the children
The exhibition will help as education tool trough sharing with children and schools, approaching fields as art and history, from didactic and cultural point of views. Some artifacts and machines in the collection could be explored by visitors interacting and activating mechanisms.

14th December 2017 – 7 April 2018
UNIQ Museum of Istanbul / UNIQ

Curator: Jean-Christophe HUBERT

Coordinator of exhibition: Vincent Damseaux